Compelling Content means Intensive Research Before You Write

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In order to write compelling content you will need to know what your audience is looking for, and be sure that you’re targeting the right audience for your topic or niche. Knowledge is the only key to actually generating a substantial and sustainable passive income on the internet, unfortunately there are no elevators and you have to take the stairs (to where there is no last floor) and research that knowledge. Luckily today we have Google, (that knows everything) we have Forums and Websites with discussions along with Questions and Answers.

There are a few steps involved to get your content up to a professional level, and the best part is that everything you’re looking for is in fact right in front of you. Sometimes we just get so distracted by the distant glitter and promises we overlook that which we almost stumble over. Opportunity is all around us, but it also requires dedication and persistence.

Identifying A Common Need – Can easily be done by just engaging audiences targeted to the one keyword that best describes your topic or niche. Within many articles I have previously discussed two tools namely “Drop My Link” and “Put My Link”, which are tools that you can search commenting sites based on keyword. Simply search your browser and just bookmark these tools to your online arsenal.

Now with research to write compelling content, your primary focus is not so much to comment but rather analyse the content. Read through suggestion, questions and answers within a specific niche or keyword and base your content on that. Make notes on things people need or ask for, even just their ideas or what they would like to see more of.

Compelling Content – Whatever the need and solution you have to offer, you must be well informed with both niche and product or anything you wish to focus attention on. Knowledge is the best way to create compelling and unique content, which is why research is so important.

Learn as much as you possibly can about the niche, topic and product. Write in an interesting way that would encourage curiosity, but you have to discover your own style of writing. Presentation is very important and first impressions matter, like what does your visitor see the minute your blog or article opens? Your content must be what your Title says it is and must be clear to your visitor why this is what they have been looking for.

Your featured image for any blog post or article is of equal importance when it comes to compelling content. The image must be of high definition and have direct reference to the topic, it must categorise your content to the familiar topic your visitor is looking for. Remember that the image is the first thing they see, and then the Title. These two (Image and Title) should guide and complement each other, subconsciously proving the usefulness of the content.

The Title – May be something that suggests the question with an obvious answer to an identified need. Like “The 4 Steps to getting recognised and gain popularity”, there are many questions regarding reputation for one. It attracts attention to instruction on how to accomplish something, but then let it be that. It suggests two new things to be learnt, gaining both popularity and recognition. The title leaves much room for the reader to create their own interest based on the topic at hand.

Talk To Your Audience – Engagement is extremely important and your unique content is the perfect place for you to do that. Make it a discussion, like you would have with a person right in front of you. Your content must speak to the reader, and adding a question and valuable suggestion every now and then is also a great idea to maintain focus.

State a point for instance, followed by “wouldn’t you agree?” or “right?” And next start a little discussion on the point you have just made and drawn your reader’s attention by inviting their opinion. It makes the conversation so much more mentally active.

Keep Your Reader Entertained – Spice up your work with high definition video and images you own or royalty free images. Sites like HubPages will require at least 2 Videos and 3 Images for your work to be considered on “Featured” Level. Many readers get bored with long articles which is why video is a great entertainer, and must encourage them to continue reading.

Don’t write on the Site, Write off the Site – Compile your work before you publish or post on any platform or with any method you may be using. A simple Word document will do because you will need to edit, quite a few times because compelling high quality content takes time.

Create folders for images you plan to use, and even subfolders more specific to different topic. Always remember to insure your image have a Title, Alt Attribute and Description in reference to the topic at hand. If you do not have your own images, then try sites like Pixabay with thousands of high quality images. But, be nice and buy them a coffee…you’ll see what I mean when you’re on the site.

Make sure your videos are properly opening in YouTube, with relevant descriptions and titles. There are 3 Things Google Want but in the end it’s all about content, description and placement.

Do all your content preparation in your own dedicated files and folders, because you will need to do a lot of research which can last days and even weeks. When you write on a particular site offering the option to, it kind of limits your time-frame on research.

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Remember that your compelling content is your viral salesman and you need to be as precise and conclusive as possible. No matter your level of writing skill or popularity. The most important part is to keep writing and compiling content, this way you build up an arsenal of both content and knowledge. It takes time to build an Empire, always remember that.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie