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After a few years of research, I was fortunate enough to launch my own Product on Click-Bank. Yes, it is a lot of work, because everything truly worthwhile takes a lot more time. The only difference between a super successful online entrepreneur and the less successful ones, is time.

Time to build and nurture your knowledge, because one of your goals is to offer something that is unique and not elsewhere available. This can only be achieved by constant repetition, while adding a little of your own initiative.

My first Click-Bank launch is called “Google WordPress Warrior Training” 


In the form of a 52 Page eBook, it takes you from discovering your Profitable Niche through Keyword Research and choosing an effective domain name. Ultimately your new Blog will be launched with a Google Rating of no less than 80% which is pretty impressive. Actually anything above 70% is classified as a Grade A Website.

Learn how to use the Hashtag and get Google Page Rank One Exposure for your Blog Posts, among other Google Tactics that will result in no less than 10,000 – 15,000 Visitors per Month. But please, this does not happen the first month and it is not a quick way out by any means.

You need to follow through on my lead and keep going, learn as much as you can because that should be your primary focus. Forget about sales, concentrate on the method and sales will happen when the time and content is synchronized.

The Blog I have created while compiling the “Google WordPress Warrior Training” is currently at a Google Rating of 88%. This I did, so there could be precise illustration on the steps to follow.

What Can You Expect From The Google WordPress Warrior Training?

# Learn How to Discover Your Profitable Niche

# Secret Research Tactics of Relevant Keywords

# How to Establish a Common Need

# Gain Knowledge via Product Research

# Setting Up an Nurturing Your Email List

# Designing and Launching Your First Blog

# Learn How to Get Your Blog Indexed In Google

# Long Term Website Traffic Tactics

# Learn About Advanced Traffic Tactics

# Hashtag Google Traffic Leveraging Secrets

# How to Turn On Your Free Autopilot Traffic

# Learn the Attributes of Successful and Profitable Blogging

You Don’t Need Any Experience or Technical Skills to Get Started and You Will Not Need an Expensive Hosting Account

You Will Not Need To Pay For Traffic…Ever! Because You Will Learn How To Leverage Google with Free Secret Tactics

This eBook currently sells on ClickBank at $19.95

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie 

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