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Some of the best tools used by many successful affiliate marketers are free tools. Tools that Google and Microsoft already give you to work with. Perhaps you’ve just been looking in the wrong places. Don’t get me wrong, you Will have to pay for more must have tools, but there are also great free tools available.

In my opinion, most of the paid tools and methods work great and it cultivates your knowledge which is important for actual online sales. And all these tools, tactics and methods are just part of your rather large internet success toolbox. All you really need is a willingness to learn. The tools you have access to here are presented on my websites, with video tutorial on how to use them.


The Google Page Rank Checker – Is a great free tool to use when checking the page rank of any website and/or blog. This is important if you’re going to get your content exposed on high ranking sites and publishers. The sad part is that most people are writing their harts out, and publishing and/or posting on sites not even indexed in Google Yet.

Leveraging The #Hash Tag – Another great free little tool to use, and learn how to leverage the hashtag. Also a free tool, and all you have to do is create your free account or sign in with Twitter. The hash tag kind of categorizes your content, and it’s advised that you spend time on this site and learn how to use the hash tag. But, as with all other methods and tactics you must always consider moderation.

Best Free Google Keyword Research Tool – Now this one is the undisputed jewel, a priceless addition to your internet success toolbox. Keyword research must be the base on which you build your internet empire. In short, your keyword targeting will be responsible for the kind of audience you reach. Getting non targeted visitors has been the destruction of many dreams, and with this tool you will prevent that.

Having A Vision


Contact me here if you need any help with these tools, I’ll be happy to help as best I can. And remember, success is only tiny objective steps in the right direction.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie 

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