About Me

Successful Affiliate Marketer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a passion for driving website traffic and creating content. Recently received expert diamond author status with some high ranking publishers, complimented with the word smith award for content creation. Published and indexed various websites and blogs, from where I also collect my subscribers to my email lists.

I’m fascinated by the entire concept of making money online, and like everything else in life it too has a simple logic. Logic is the very base of our existence and it always has been and always will be a constant, and path to understanding. It is this same fascination that drove me relentlessly, and inspired me to overcome failure after failure. I soon realized that failure in fact, is the necessity to success because you never really fail with anything in life.

Either you win, earn or you simply learn and you must never see your failure as a final destination or defeat. Some battles must be fought more than once to win, which is why actually making money online requires dedication an persistence.


Been actively involved with Internet and Affiliate Marketing for around 5 years now, and I’m actually having fun building my internet empire. That is important because before you can actually make proper money online, you first have to enjoy what you do. It’s also part of your niche research because your interest and even a hobby can be the base of your online empire.

My writing resulted in publishing several articles with high page rank publishers, and also published 3 eBooks sharing methods and tactics I have tested. Publishers like BookRix, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and even Google are some of the publishers where my work is available. I’m also enjoying being a guest writer for a few high page rank forums and blogs. Mastering the art of leveraging page rank for laser targeted visitors is one of my most prized achievements, but also one of the tactics that require the most time.

Every method, tactic, system or program that I promote are all tools that I personally use and have used to build my knowledge and get recognized as a professional. The content I create will always redirect you to my websites, blogs, social networks, articles, eBooks and email lists where you will have access to these tools.

Contact me here if you have any questions or suggestions, and even requests.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie 

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2 thoughts on “About Me

    Norberto said:
    4 Apr 2016 at 2:41 am

    I read your article “The Secret Leveraging Tactic of Page Rank”. As I read you are passionate about writing. Their website has a comprehensive range of 11,385,092 according alexa. I have a website with a comprehensive range of 693.553 according to alexa. This page is in the same niche. I propose a deal. I make the invitation to write content for my blog as a guest to help your page rank up. Talk soon.

    Liked by 1 person

      Deon Christie said:
      4 Apr 2016 at 7:16 pm

      Hi Noberto,

      Pleasure making your acquaintance, and right you are. Writing is one of my passions, and a talent I value most among others. It would be an honor to write for your site, and grow my online presence.

      How will we proceed?

      Deon Christie


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