Different Payment Methods for Online Commissions

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There are various kinds of payment methods with the favorites being PayPal, and Payoneer to receive commissions from sales. Some affiliate sites and/or offers may use PayPal to deposit your commissions, where others will work with Payoneer. This debit card can also be used anywhere in the world, so when your commissions get paid it’s shopping time. This debit card account links to your own cheque account with Bank of America.

PayPal offers a pay button that you can add to your own website when you sell your own products in the form of physical items. They will assist you in understanding how to use the pay buttons but these will only work with your own products. You cannot use this tactic with affiliate links.

You must determine which payment method will work best with the affiliate platform you choose to use. A few favorites may include sites like Click Bank and JV Zoo. Click Bank links with your Payoneer account, so all your commissions are electronically transferred once you reach the threshold. JV Zoo will link to your PayPal account and the same rules apply, an electronic transfer but this time for each individual sale.

The minute your commission is paid to your account and the buyer decide to refund, you will not be required to pay back the commission. That will be a corespondance between the product owner and the buyer, which is why Affiliate marketing is such a preferred medium. Basically if the money is in your account, it’s your earnings to spend as you see fit.

These are the preferred favorites but not the only means of receiving your commissions from affiliate sales. These two methods are proven, and have all the positive reviews to prove it. The extra added bonus with Payoneer is the fact that when your account balance reaches zero, your account will not be closed. Even if this continues for a few months, and there’s no payback on accumulated service fees. With Payoneer you also get your own affiliate link to make money from by driving traffic to the link.

Open Your Free Account With Payoneer And Get Your Free $25 With Your First Deposit

Payoneer Mastercard

Using these payment options will simplify the way you get paid and save you a lot of time. It’s quite easy to set up and both individual sites offer clear instructions, with easy free registration.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie 

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