Building Your Internet Empire with Google Keywords

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Keywords are the foundation upon which you must build your online empire, when your keyword targeting is wrong then so will be your audience. That is when you end up with thousands of visitors with absolutely no conversion or engagement. Basically that means that the visitors your site is receiving have absolutely no interest in your content. There are so many methods and tactics to obtain targeted visitors it’s overwhelming, and you must avoid information overload. Never try and perfect your dreams in one day, strive for progress and not perfection.

Among the absolute favorite methods used by super successful affiliate marketers, you will find article and eBook publishing. Your Internet Empire will need your own email list if you’re going to actually generate money online. You should also have your own websites and blogs which is your means of getting recognized and build trust. These are the favorite methods used by the professionals, and also the reason for their insane commission earnings.

All of these methods and tactics will require your own original, interesting and relevant content. And that is why you must have your own Google Ad-sense account because that is the best place to search for your relevant keywords. Just as an example; this particular article contain the primary keywords that get searched over 945,000,000 times on Google per Month. In the article signature is the link to the author’s website, which is a great tactic for exposure. The success of all Internet Jobs, regardless of the one you choose is a precise science that favors preparation.

You also want your content exposed to targeted masses, which is why a particular publisher or site’s page-rank is equally important. Google even offers a free tool to determine just that and it’s called PR Checker, you may want to target publishers and sites with a page-rank PR1 – PR6. Just be sure the site or publisher is at least indexed in Google, because many newbies sometimes publish and comment on sites not even indexed yet. This kind of defeat the purpose of creating all that content in the first place.

Google offers you all the free and paid tools you need to accomplish your goals, and building your Internet Empire is all about tiny objective steps in the right direction. There is no such thing as a giant leap to fame and fortune, unless you win the Lottery and we all know the odds of that. Just these two simple tools demonstrated in this article will make the world of difference by just how much money you will make.

Be moderate, be precise and objective because those are all building blocks or rather corner stones to your internet empire.

You only have to look for the right tools in the right places

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And confirm their authenticity. Do not run after every shiny object and idle promise because you may be sadly disappointed, focus on one method, tactic, program or system at a time. If you don’t build your dreams, someone else will pay you to build theirs.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie 

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