The Secret Leveraging Tactic of Page Rank

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You shouldn’t limit the phrase “page rank” to just the ranking of your website, but also to get better exposure to a more interested and responding audience. Leveraging Page rank is a tactic used by most successful affiliate marketers, which is the reason for their impressive achievements. It’s but one of many methods and tactics, but this article will only cover the leveraging of page rank.

Leveraging Page rank – Google already provide you with a free tool to check on any site’s page rank. You can check the page rank of any website, blog and forum which is a great leveraging tactic which has proven itself a thousand times over. You can access the free page rank checking tool by simply typing the phrase (prchecker) into your browser search, and follow the first link on the search result page. When you do check the page rank of any site, you want to limit your search to the original domain only. An original domain will end with (.com – .info – .net – .co) and so forth, any forward slash (.com/home_addittion) must be disregarded in order to get a proven result.

Commenting – Commenting has proved itself highly effective when it comes to targeted exposure, but there’s a difference between commenting and tormenting. When your comments contain tsunamis of affiliate links then you will only be annoying your audience, and your comments will be most likely seen as of a spam nature. Keep it to commenting and not promoting to inspire visitors to visit your profile, not a sales page. You must always comment relevant content by properly reading the content on which you wish to share an opinion.

Guest Posting – In most cases, the high page ranking guest posting sites will want to see proof of content publishing upon guest posting request. Which is why you first have to concentrate on publishing some articles with high ranking publishers. Many guest posting sites will even pay you when your content is published, but you must prove your authorship first. Again you must research the page rank of the guest posting and article publishing sites, and that may require some work to be noticed as a professional writer on high ranking sites. It will not be easy, but I can assure you it will be worth the time sacrifice.

Conclusion – Just by commenting and posting on high ranking sites and publishers, will result in a remarkable increase in your website traffic. The higher the site ranking, the bigger your website traffic boost will be which is why content and knowledge will always be the King and Queen of actual online sales.

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